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oldschooldhdg's Journal

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This is for all of us at Lani'sfriends and anyone we have befriended along the way that would like to be involved in our discussion of book seven.


Our rules are few. We have no rules for what you post, what you say, what you feel. We think all your thoughts and feelings about Deathly Hallows are valid.

The two rules that are very important are:

1. Everything goes under the lj cut. Make sure you indicate that there are spoilers under the cut, either by saying it in the subject line, or placing it in the cut itself. If it is personal feeling, or a rant...you can post that in the Subject bar or in the lj cut itself. This rule is important since we don't want anyone scrolling through their friend's page and getting the shock of seeing something they are not yet ready to see.

2. Be kind to one another. We won't always agree on everything anyone else says, but everyone has the right to voice their opinion and say what they feel. I'm adding this because besides actual literary discussions, I am expecting that we will have things we want to say that are our personal feelings.

3. All posts are to be friends locked. If you don't know how to lock an entry, just ask and we will explain.

So that's it. Those are our rules. I told you there weren't many. If any of you can think of anything that I've missed that is important, or should be added to the rules...you can either post to the board or email me (Cee) at obsessed790@yahoo.com.